If you aim at nothing you will hit it with amazing accuracy. If you just try to grow your 401k as big as you can or worse just let it float until you actually decide to retire. If you leave your 401k where it is you may have high fees, limited investment choices and be subject to a large loss in the case of another 2008. What we do is help you clearly define what you want to happen and then roll your 401k over into an account that is representative of your goals. This is a non taxable transaction. Rolling money from one financial institution to another can be one of the simplest financial transactions to complete. The rollovers that we do come at no fee to you and give you a wide array of options to choose from. 


The rollover from the time you meet with an advisor is as simple as:

1) Having an advisor help you make an educated decision on what investment selection to go with 

2) Calling the existing financial institution & requesting funds be transferred

3) Sign new paperwork

4) Funds are applied to the new account