Pay Yourself First

The concept of paying yourself first is what will allow you to be able to contribute to an investment that will allow your earned income (the money you get in exchange for your time) to "work" for you to create passive income! Creating passive income is what most people refer to as "retirement", but it does not have to be. You can create passive income at any age.  That is where we come in we, we help you achieve your financial goals through creating passive income. 

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The FLY Method uses a non-traditional retirement vehicle that creates safe tax deferred compound interest growth that can be leveraged at anytime as long as the account has been fully funded. The F in FLY stands for FIXED meaning that the account gains interest based on a blend of investments but has a 0% floor meaning if the stock market crashes your principal is fixed and does not lose value. The LY in FLY stands for LEVERAGED YIELD meaning that whatever the underlying investment account makes the return is multiplied by 40% meaning if you see a 10% return the account will actually be credited 14%. 

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